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OROW C6 bluetooth speaker

The Annual Holiday New Arrivals

OROW is Offering a wide collection of new products that may please all of you

Minimal Design

Speakers – a necessity for music lovers, but a major sore point for design fans. But thanks to our minimal design, you really can have the best of both high performance and gorgeous design.

Burnuna orow C6 Bluetooth speaker

2 Players Share 1 Disc

Have you ever imagined having 2 portable DVD players to play the same disk? or let's say a dual-screen DVD player. comes With the AV IN/AV OUT cable, you can connect any 2 portable DVD players to work as a dual-screen DVD player easily.

Brands & Designers
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Our team of highly motivated individuals works to provide quality products and services to our growing customers around the world. The core members of our team are from the biggest enterprises in the world, equipped with outstanding professional ability and global vision.



 A fantastically affordable soundbar speaker with a weighty sound and decent bass,

with 7 colors RGB lights


Luxurious Sound with Deep Bass

Deeper bass makes music and movies more exciting and realistic, and it makes you feel more like dancing when you play your favorite tunes.

Brands & Designers

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